Crossdressing — Breaking the cycle of buying and throwing out clothes.

Fiona Dobson
5 min readSep 21, 2022

I remember pulling into a remote gas station on an empty road and thinking I was probably the only customer they had seen that day. In a plastic bag beside me was a pair of tights, some cheap panties and a bra that didn’t really fit.

I knew they had to go. I had been wearing the items, hurriedly bought as I’d made my way across the state on a business trip, when I was in my hotel room. After all, no one could possibly find out about this little pecadillo of mine, and what could be nicer than indulging this desire on a business trip in the middle of nowhere. But now that trip was over and it was time to dump out the evidence. This place looked safe enough, remote and overlooked by all but those who had to be here.

The gas station attendant was inside their little shop, watching something on the TV. I got out of the car and filled the tank, glancing at the trash can on the forecourt. If I dumped the clothes here they would likely go unnoticed. After all, who sorts through their trash at a gas station. No one would know I was disposing of the clothes I’d been wearing just a few hours ago. No one would guess that I was a crossdresser. After checking both ways up and down the lonely highway, I reached into the car and hurriedly tossed the plastic bag into the half full trash.

I wandered into the store and bought a coffee. The young gas station attendant barely glanced at me as he watched his show. I remember wondering how a place like this stays in business, and then went up to pay. As I did so I heard the sound of a loud truck pull onto the forecourt. I looked out of the window and saw it was a garbage truck, which you don’t really think of making stops at the gas station. The driver got out, strolled over to the trash and attached it to the appliance at the side of the vehicle that would dump it into the compactor. He pulled a level and the garbage began its journey to it’s final resting place.

I guess it was just that particular moment that fate decided to play a role. The garbage can slipped and fell from the side of the vehicle, and spewed its contents on the forecourt. The garbage truck driver reached into the truck and got a shovel. Clearly this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

Fiona Dobson

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