I know what I believe, no need to wear that on my sleeve…

Fiona Dobson
4 min readJul 23, 2022

I was doing yoga in my garden just this morning with Sebastian, when he raised something that’s been on my mind a while.

“Fiona,” he said, while adjusting my position in a deep hip opening yoga position, “I have always liked that on your blog you are unafraid to deal with the deep and penetrating issues.”

I felt him leaning into my posture, pressing me slightly deeper into the posture.

“I’m not sure I wish to discuss penetration just at the moment, Sebastian,” I said noticing Marjory, my next door neighbour bending over to pick a couple of raspberries from a bush at the end of her garden.

Sebastian noticed my gaze, and said, “Yes. I wonder what Marjory’s position would be on this.”

“What are you banging on about,” I asked Sebastian.

“It’s just I have another client, an older gentleman, who I happen to know loves to crossdress. He mentioned the other day that if he was younger he’d love to have transitioned, but that when he was young such options weren’t available.”

“Yes,” I replied. “Well, surgical transitioning is not right for everyone. And especially some of our more senior members have had to live most of their life in a compromised situation. For many of us, Sebastian, quiet acceptance of ourselves and the occasional opportunity to dress, or behave in a feminine manner, is really about as good as it gets. It’s really very sad.”

“It does seem terribly unfair,” said Sebastian.

“Perhaps, but times are changing. My daughter for example, doesn’t even know the biological sex of some of her friends, and really doesn’t care. Why would she? Unless she plans to sleep with them it’s not really something she’s bothered about. This is wonderful, but not the world some of my senior members grew up in. We just have to be grateful life is becoming better for us and our sisters,” I said and poured another cup of tea.

I continued, “I mean, it’s not really that long ago that Joan of Arc was burned to death, and if you ask me there was a whole lot…

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