I’m sorry, Gerald’s not home right now.

Fiona Dobson
5 min readApr 7

Ivy showed the Metropolitan police inspector to what she called ‘the drawing room’. It was in fact the living room, but since she and her husband had inherited the place in 1971 they’d always called it that.

“Your husband’s family seemed most concerned,” said the inspector as he sat down in a love seat that had seen better days, and less weary lovers.

“Oh, don’t mind Mildred,” said Ivy, seeing the inspector looking at the sleeping form of a woman in her mid sixties, dozing beneath a brightly colored blanket. A soft snoring sound emanated from the form of the sleeper.

“She has her good days, and she has her bad days,” continued Ivy. “Alzheimer’s. Can you believe she’s barely four years my senior?”

It was true that for a sixty one year old woman Ivy had maintained a very athletic form. The inspector steered the conversation back on track with all the delicacy of a traffic accident.

“They said he stopped calling them about nine months ago. Apparently his phone was cut off shortly afterwards.” The inspector left the sentence hanging in the air.

At length Ivy said, “I see.”

Two could play at this game. She, in turn, let it hang.

After an awkward pause she decided to add, “Well, if he does show up would you be so kind as to ask him to return the key to my jewellery box. He has it on his key ring.”

“I’m sorry?” said the inspector, evidently confused. “I don’t quite understand.”

“Would you like some tea, sergeant?” asked Ivy.

“It’s ‘inspector’, said the weary looking man. “I’m ok. No tea, thanks,”

If he could wrap this up quickly he could head home and see his wife for a few minutes before she headed off to work at the bar.

He tried to move things along a little.

“You were saying, about a key?”

“Oh yes,” replied Ivy absently. “About a year ago he went off on one of his little jaunts. Yes, it was June. We had been… how shall I say it… struggling in our relationship.”

“Exactly what do you mean, Mrs. Valentine.?” The inspector had drawn out a small leather covered notebook from his jacket…

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