Selfies For Crossdressers — Part 1.

Fiona Dobson
4 min readFeb 23, 2022

Selfies For Crossdressers — Part 1


I’ve always loved photography. From the early days, when I worked for a local wedding photographer, to more recent years working in an advertising agency, I’ve never been far from a lens and shutter. And now as a crossdresser with a love of photography I am very happy to bring a few tips and tricks, suggestions and stories, that you may find of value. If you enjoy them be sure to comment and share them.



As Bernard unloaded the car, and I sat beside it on one of his large trunks full of gear while drinking a mimosa, I smiled at him and said, “Goodness, Bernard! I had no idea your equipment was so very large!”

I lifted my phone, made sure the bright sunshine was bouncing off my upturned cheeks, beamed at the screen and took a quick selfie. A moment later it was shared on my Snapchat to my children and shared it to Instagram.

“It’s not getting any easier to haul about the place with age,” said Bernard. “My back…” he groaned as he moved another heavy case.

I poured a little more Champagne into my glass, and lay back on the trunk.

“You really should take it easy, Bernard,” I said. “Didn’t you have heart surgery recently?”

“Oh, yes,” he groaned. “I’m recovering. Slowly.”

I looked at the enormous collection of photography gear Bernard required for the shoot we were preparing, and then checked my Instagram and was tickled to see that I’d got a handful of likes already.

A few moments later a minivan pulled up at the location and three young models climbed out, chattering away and looking anorexic.

“Mimosa and a sandwich?” I asked.

“Just a drink please,” said one.

“Oooo… Mimosa’s” said another.

“I never would have guessed,” I murmured and poured the drinks.

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