Women who love to feminize their husbands — Alice.

Fiona Dobson
4 min readMay 12, 2022

There are many reasons women love to play with gender roles. In this series of interviews I talk to some of the women who love to feminize their partners. This week I’m talking to Alice, who prefers not to use her surname. Alice is a 37 year old part time admin assistant at a care home and is married to Geoffrey, a VP of marketing at an agricultural dealership in rural Ohio. FD

I suppose I shouldn’t, but I’ve told a couple of my friends that Geoffrey looks good in nylons and heels. They laugh about it, and I think they assume I’m kidding. If they only knew.

I let him dress at home, and at night I usually insist he wears a little pink night dress. In the three years I’ve been telling him to do it, I think he’s only worn his pyjamas twice and that was when we were staying with his brother in Des Moines. You don’t really think of many people crossdressing in Des Moines.

He came to me about five years ago and told me he always wondered about it, and that he wondered if I’d ever had a boyfriend that crossdressed. I told him I had and that I found it a turn on. I think he was surprised. It really hadn’t occurred to him that I might be the one with the fetish.

You see, I love to see him dressed. It turns me on and I want to leap on him I get so excited. Whenever we make love it’s a greater thrill for me if he’s taken the trouble to dress up and do a nice job with his makeup. We often have a glass of wine prolonging the foreplay and drawing things out, so I don’t just rip off the clothes he’s taken ages to get into. But the temptation is great.

One thing Geoffrey loves is when I lace him into his corset. It pulls his body into shape nicely. I like it when he wears a nice dress, and then we’ll have a little while just talking or having a drink down in the living room. This gives me the time to seduce him. I love how it makes me feel.

It’s as though he is being served up to me on a platter. He knows where this is going. He knows where it has to go. And yet in a nice skirt, his panties slightly exposed, he might feel like he’s in control, but he’s not.

As luck would have it I am a larger woman. I am tall, though not what you’d call heavy. I did very well in the lacrosse team at university. Being…

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